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July Editor’s Note

I’ve joked that the Nextdoor social media site is 75% cats.

I found a cat. A cat found me. I have too many cats. Anyone want a cat?

That may be an exaggeration, but all the online cat chat indicates that Harrisburg really likes, and cares about, its felines. To me, that indicates a compassionate community.

Now, I don’t mean to take sides in the perpetual dog vs. cat popularity contest, because canines surely hold their own in Harrisburg, as well.

It wasn’t long ago when dogs were rarely seen outside of a few choice romping spots along the riverfront, but now they seem to be everywhere.

They accompany us on trips to the Broad Street Market, for outdoor dining on the street or deck, to Senators ballgames. All day long, people and their pooches stroll past my office window, which didn’t happen until recently.

I mention our growing pet preoccupation because, each July, our issue focuses a bit more on stories involving dogs, cats and animals in general. Naturally, we have our usual mix of community news, commentary and features, but once a year, the non-humans in our lives get a little extra ink.

Otherwise, it’s July, which means we’re outdoors enjoying the warm summer weather—except when we’re indoors because it’s just too darn hot out.

We have stories for either option. Perhaps you’re looking for a fun outing close to home or maybe you’d rather curl up with a good book near the air conditioner. Turn the page for ideas on either option.

Personally, I like the heat, so welcome mid-summer in central PA. Long days, a homegrown tomato, grilling with friends. Count me in!

Lawrance Binda

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