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Fit & Balanced: Sculpt Pilates opens on Front Street in Harrisburg

The interior of Sculpt Pilates

“It’s very tiring trying to open your own business,” said Beth Seitz, who, nonetheless, had a huge smile on her face.

In just under 10 months, Seitz has created her own Pilates studio called Sculpt Pilates and Barre. Located on N. Front Street in Uptown Harrisburg, the studio offers traditional Pilates classes, as well as some specialty classes that she created.

“People should come [to Sculpt Pilates] because we are different from any other Pilates studio,” she said. “We really value our clients. We want to keep them happy, we want to keep them coming, we want their feedback.”

One element that helps the studio stand out is the “fuse ladder,” which is similar to a Pilates tower. The ladder incorporates a lot of strength training through its springs, different handles and a bar that allows you to do pull-ups on it. According to Seitz, Sculpt is the only studio in the area with these ladders.

“I think that really sets us apart from other studios,” she said.

Sculpt offers a wide variety of classes, such as a “planks and play” class for mothers and their kids, pre- and post-natal classes, private sessions, classes for seniors and more. There is a private room for people who need more personal training, a special room for mat and barre classes and another room for retail items.

The exterior of Sculpt Pilates, located on N. Front Street in Harrisburg

Seitz initially got into Pilates after giving birth to her son 17 years ago. After starting, it became more than just about losing weight.

“I don’t like to exercise at all, but I fell in love with Pilates,” she said. “It just gave me such improved mental clarity. I felt better physically, I felt better mentally, I felt better emotionally. It was an all encompassing transformation really.”

Seitz started teaching Pilates six years ago because she wanted to help other people achieve this feeling. She taught for five years at a studio run by someone else, but she said it felt like something was missing. In December, after leaving her previous instructor position, she decided she wanted to create her own studio.

“I wanted to tailor what was taught at the studio and what the experience should be,” she said. “I don’t like the big gyms. I think, whenever you do Pilates and when you do barre, you should have an extra-special experience in the studio.”

Right now, Seitz is pulling away from her instructor role to focus on the business side of things. So, she has instructors on-site to help her in the studio.

Even though they have a soft opening today, Seitz and her crew have already given free, 30-minute demos so customers can get a feel for the studio.

“Clients are really loving that the space is so modern, that it’s really relaxing and comfortable. They think the instructors are great, which they are,” she said. “Everyone who walks in just says, ‘This is absolutely incredible.’”

Seitz offers numerous subscription packages, from monthly auto renewal packages to no contract and drop-in prices. Classes can also be purchased through an app, which is available on IOS and Android. She also offers specialty prices from Aug. 19 until their grand opening at the end of September. People in the military, officers, health care workers, senior citizens and certain businesses in the city also get 10 percent off whichever package they choose.

“We’re community-focused. We want to connect with the community and get everyone involved no matter what their fitness level is,” Seitz said. “We want everyone to feel welcomed and come in and have a good time and get to be the best version of themselves.” 

Sculpt Pilates and Barre opens Monday, Aug. 19, at 2609 N. Front St., Harrisburg. Parking is available behind the studio. For more information, visit

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