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What’s new at the Broad Street Market? Burgers, Thai, health food, skincare vendors open

Owners Nicole and Cody Prickett of Capitol Burgerz

Cody and Nicole Prickett talked about becoming a vendor in the Broad Street Market, but the timing was never right—until now.

Two weekends ago, they opened Capitol Burgerz, fulfilling the couple’s long-time dream of owning their own business.

“I’ve always been very entrepreneurial,” Cody said. “I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 10-plus years. It’s been a long time coming.”

Capitol Burgerz, located in the stone building, puts its spin on the classic sandwich, adding toppings like pineapple relish, crispy onions, glazed ham and their “capitol sauce.” They specialize in smash burgers, compressed patties with crispy edges and a juicy interior. They are much quicker to cook, perfect for the market setting, Cody explained.

They source their beef from R.G. Hummer Meats and Cheese, another market vendor, and make their buns from scratch.

“I’m extremely passionate about cooking,” Cody said. “Whether you’re the first or last order of the day, I’m going to put care into it.”

The market looks a little different these days, as a few popular vendors left and several new ones have set up shop. Along with Capitol Burgerz, a handful of vendors have recently opened, offering a variety of foods and products for market-goers.

For those in search of a lighter snack, Honeybush Raw Smoothie Bar opened this past fall in the brick building of the market.

Owner Lhayana Dallas of Honeybush Raw Smoothie Bar

Owner Lhayana Dallas, also the co-publisher of the Harrisburg-based publication Black Wall Street PA, has always been interested in health, nutrition and fitness. Before opening her smoothie business, she sold health and skincare products online. But Dallas was ready to take the next step and open her own stand.

“I took a chance,” she said. “It’s a beautiful hub of diverse businesses, and I felt like it would be a good start for me.”

Honeybush’s smoothies are crafted from fresh, not frozen, fruit and superfoods.

Like Capitol Burgerz, she utilizes other market vendors’ products, purchasing fruits and veggies from Veg Out and spices from Green Ridge Acres for her smoothies.

One of the most popular smoothies is the “Green Queen”—kale, dandelion leaf, celery, green pepper, avocado, kiwi, sugar kelp, keylime juice, blue agave and coconut water. What can’t she fit in her blender?

Additionally, she sells açaí bowls and various sea moss gels that have numerous health benefits, she said.

“People are excited, and I feel like there was a need for it,” Dallas said. “I just want people to be healthier.”

Just a few steps away is another new vendor, also focused on all-natural ingredients. However, his product is not about what you put in your body, but on it.

Owner Cebrum George of NūBorn Skin

Cebrum George II, owner of NūBorn Skin, has been making his skincare products for almost 15 years. What started as an experiment to find a product that addressed his children’s acne, while remaining gentle on their sensitive skin, grew as people took notice of the positive results.

George officially started his business six years ago, and, for the past few years, has operated a stand in the Broad Street Market courtyard on Saturdays. But as his customer base increased, the market offered him a spot inside. NūBorn Skin opened in late February.

NūBorn’s products include a face cleanser, the most popular product, along with lip balm, beard cream, face serums, body scrubs and body cream, among other items.

George collects water, rich in minerals, from a spring in the Carlisle area. This special ingredient, he said, is what sets his products apart.

“The natural way is the way to go,” he said.

George plans to occasionally offer free or free with purchase, on-site services, such as facials or hand treatments.

Once you’re all moisturized and glowing, pop back over to the stone market, and you’ll find another new market vendor—Tri Asian Taste.

Owners Nyunt and Than Win of Tri Asian Taste

You may remember owners Nyunt and Than Win and their business from their former Mechanicsburg location. Due to COVID and staffing shortages, the Win’s decided to try out the Broad Street Market, recommended to them by the owner of Tep’s Fresh Seafood, a former customer and now neighboring market vendor.

Market regulars Sorita Nhim and Ricky Wijaya slurped noodles and soup from Tri Asian Taste on a Friday afternoon. The pair said that they appreciated the additional Asian cuisine option and the different flavors they bring to the market.

“It’s really good,” Nhim said of her “Tom Kha” soup. “We’ve been here before. We haven’t tried the whole menu…yet.”

Tri Asian Taste offers Thai and Burmese dishes including various curries, Pad Thai, Thai fried rice, mango and sticky rice, shrimp rolls, fried noodles and sushi.

“I like it here,” Nyunt said of the market. “We are making progress. We are thinking about staying here for many years.”

While Nhim and Wijaya enjoyed lunch on Friday afternoon, the market bustled around them. People gathered around the bar at Zeroday Outpost for a beer. Others shopped for produce. Some ordered vegan dishes from Ward of Health. The scene looked far different than the days of take-out and social distancing during the pandemic.

According to Josh Heilman, executive director of the Broad Street Market Alliance, the effects of the pandemic on the market, however, are not in the past.

Their overall customer count is still down, Heilman said, adding that it could be from people having less expendable income or regularly working from home. Additionally, staffing issues and the rising cost of goods both impact vendors, he said.

All things considered, Heilman feels positive about the state of the market.

“Overall, we are positioned to continue to be successful,” he said. “The market is not doing bad by any stretch. It’s just a new world we are living in.”

In the past few months, the market said goodbye to vendors Phyllo, which offered Greek cuisine, and Pikowski’s Pierogi Place. COVID played a small role in their departures, but according to Heilman, it was mostly just time for both to move on.

But for many of the new vendors, their experience at the market is just beginning.

Dallas said that she already has many regular customers who come weekly for her smoothies at Honeybush. Nyunt echoed that, adding that customers of his previous Mechanicsburg location of Tri Asian Taste have followed them to the market. All of the businesses expressed their love for the diversity of the market, camaraderie amongst vendors and friendly customers.

“We want to be a brand that’s rooted in the community,” said Cody, of Capitol Burgerz. “You can’t get any more community-based than this. As long as this building is standing, we will be here.”

All of the businesses mentioned are located at the Broad Street Market, 1233 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg. For more information, visit their website.

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