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In Early: Green to fill open Harrisburg council seat.

Ausha Green

Ausha Green will be Harrisburg’s next councilwoman, as City Council plans to appoint her to an open seat.

Council President Wanda Williams announced tonight that council will name Green to the seven-member body, forgoing a competitive process that has marked recent council vacancies.

Williams said that council has reached an “informal consensus” to appoint Green, who currently serves on Harrisburg school board. A formal vote will occur during the Oct. 24 legislative session, after which Green will be sworn in, Williams said.

The seat became vacant after the unexpected resignation last week of former Councilwoman Destini Hodges, who is leaving Harrisburg to take a job out of state.

Come January, Green would have assumed a council seat anyway, as she won the Democratic nomination for council in May, along with incumbents Wanda Williams, Shamaine Daniels and Ben Allatt. There is no Republican opposition for the four, four-year seats.

Williams said that appointing Green just made sense given her inevitability as a future council member. The appointment will allow Green to participate in the lengthy 2018 budget process, which begins next month.

A two-year council seat also will be on the November ballot following the resignation in August of former Councilman Jeffrey Baltimore. Councilman Dave Madsen, appointed a month ago by council, is running unopposed for that seat.

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