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Student Scribes: “Rest Stop”

The car halts by the gas pump

Underneath glaring yellow lights.

I get out, car door echoing through the lot

Against the small building’s brick walls.


Inside, I join the few people

Sitting alone on the benches

Or enjoying the company of a mutually silent companion.

I buy a coffee and let the steam drift over my smiling lips.


No one is in a hurry.

No one disturbs the serenity we have found here.

There is a certain sense of human connection

As we come together for merely a blink of existence.


People come and go here.

This is no one’s destination,

Merely a place that they pass through

While a hint of something more still lingers.


I return to my car under the smoldering yellow lights

And look at the washed-out sky,

Unable to see any stars behind the haze.

Still, I know they are there, as they always are.


Julia Freidly is a junior computer science major at Penn State Harrisburg.

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