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Still Beauty: “The Makings of You” is a quiet, gentle film.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 17.34.29“Nothing happens until two people fall in love—and then the whole world changes.”

These are perceptive words from writer/director Matt Amato’s feature, “The Makings of You,” a simple slice-of-life love story that will soothe moviegoers with its gentle beauty.

Judy (Sheryl Lee) is a quiet, dreamy woman who lives with her mother and two adult sons. Wallace (Jay R. Ferguson) is a cheerful, laidback man who lives with his dog. The two meet at the old junk shop that Wallace inherited from his father, but their relationship doesn’t really begin until Wallace shows up at her work (she is a lunch lady at the local elementary school) to ask her out.

The two hit it off (maybe a little too abruptly), and their chemistry makes them an instantly likeable couple. The film centers around their relationship with each other and their relationship with Judy’s family.

The plot is meandering and nearly non-existent, but the characters will enrapture you. Judy’s mother Margaret (Grace Zabriskie) is a testy but protective woman, and her two sons, Roy (Grant Leuchtner) and Eric (Michael Varble), have their rebellious moments, but it is clear they love their family. Fueled by quiet romance and an affinity for music, their story reflects the simplicity of life and the importance of family and being together. What a heartwarming, still film in such a busy society!

There are a few things that detract from the impact of the film—the random, electronic static in an otherwise organic, beautiful soundtrack, for example. But, overall, Amato boasts a stunning picture.

“The Makings of You” will play at Midtown Cinema this month as a part of the Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival. Make sure to check this one out. 



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Author: Sammi Leigh Melville


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