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Musical Notes: June Jumble–This month, something wonderful for everyone.

Simone Felice. Photo courtesy of Tajette O’Halloran.

Simone Felice. Photo courtesy of Tajette O’Halloran.

Summer is kicking off with a bang here in the ‘Burg. Both new venues and more familiar haunts are bringing in a number of notable acts. Whether you are looking for quiet reflection or challenging rhythms, June will not disappoint. So either head to the still freshly minted Millworks and try something new or take in some classics at Whitaker Center. Either way, this month will be incredible!



This Brooklyn band is known for mashing seemingly unmashable genres together. Lost somewhere between krautrock and soul (which, if you’re unfamiliar, are nothing alike), their music can be a little jarring at first. But, with each subsequent listen, their tunes become increasingly understandable, the divergent influences blending into something recognizable. Never lacking in energy, they often shift on a dime between bombastic, distorted explosions of sound and strange, jilting grooves. They will be joined by the equally delightful shoegazy power trio, Eternal Summers.


SIMONE FELICE, 6/11, 9PM, ABBEY BAR, $10/$15

A smoky singer-songwriter, Simone Felice is a folk singer with a pedigree. One the founding members of the Felice Brothers, he has taken the stage at the famed Newport Folk Festival, his music bearing the marks of a lonely wanderer. He released his second LP, “Stranger,” last year, but he is also a published author. It is no wonder then that his songs tell such strong stories. He will be accompanied by Anna Mitchell and Marie Danielle. Danielle will also be performing solo at the Downtown Little Amps the following day, June 12.


DAVID CROSBY, 6/23, 8PM, WHITAKER CENTER, $49.50-$90.50

It’s not every day that one of the founding members of the rich 1960s folk revival scene comes into town. David Crosby of Crosby, Still, Nash and (sometimes) Young will be bringing his years of both musical and life experience to Whitaker Center for an evening that is sure to be memorable. While most people are probably already familiar with his career, he began as a member of the Byrds and then formed CSN, providing the soundtrack to much of the tumultuous ‘60s. But nothing about his music comes across as outdated. Records like “Déjà Vu” and “4 Way Street” still sound fresh as ever (and regularly make appearances on my turntable.) This is an evening that is not to be missed.

Mentionables: Steve Wilkins, 6/5, Downtown Little Amps; Merchandise, 6/9, The Millworks; Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, 6/13, Abbey Bar; Beth Hart, 6/21, Whitaker Center

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