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Musical Notes: Fall Swingin’

Fall is in full swing, and Harrisburg keeps coming out with some real hits. But, before we get to this month’s killer music, I want to highlight a few events that fall outside the usual conception of music concert.

The HBG Flea moves their monthly market indoors starting this month, giving you an opportunity to fully experience the cultural melting pot that is Strawberry Square. Check out some live music and local artisans while you’re there, and be sure to snag some vinyl while you’ve got music on the brain. If you’ve missed the magic that is a live “Rocky Horror” show during Halloween, H*MAC’s got your back this month with their annual performances on Nov. 2 and 3 by the H*MAC Theatre Co. And if you didn’t know already, River City’s got a killer karaoke setup every Thursday night, every week. Perfect for a night out after work and a perfect opportunity to sing your lil’ heart out.

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of all that our city has to offer, but it’s my hope that y’all get out and support the businesses and people that help to grow the arts and music scene in the city. Show your local love and get some live shows in your life.


JOEY CALDERAZZO, 11/4, 3PM, WITF, $10-24
If you’re feeling kinda jazzy, Central PA Friends of Jazz has got one heck of a show for you. Joey Calderazzo performs at WITF for the final concert on their 38th season. Associated with his former bandmates Michael Brecker and Branford Marsalis, Calderazzo has made a name for himself, forming his own group and touring extensively. He started his classical studies at the age of 6, started playing the piano when he was 8, studied with Richard Beirach, continued his musical education, and been part of many groups in his lifetime of music. In 1998, the Branford Marsalis Quartet pianist Kenny Kirkland died. Assuming his place in the band, Calderazzo eventually went on to be one of the first musicians to sign with Marsalis Music. Today, he’s known as one of the best pianists in the jazz field. Be prepared to be dazzled as Calderazzo plays the 9-foot Steinway piano at WITF’s Public Media Center.


Drag shows are something that drew me to the city in college. It’s a fun evening of free gender expression and empowerment that I feel everyone should experience at least once. Fortunately, this is the Sundae Best Variety Show’s all-ages edition of their “Fruit Boots” show, which is a perfect introduction to anyone wanting a bit of punk drag performance in their lives. Joining the stage with the Fruit Boots cast is Natural Velvet, Baltimore natives who are bringing some post-punk aggression to the Underground Bike Shop. The group is made up of bassist and vocalist Corynne Ostermann, drummer Greg Hatem, guitarist Spike Arreaga and guitarist Kim Te. Their album, “She is Me,” is a good place to start to get a taste of their style, and their cover of David Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging” is one of my favorites. Get your fruits, get your boots, and get ready to rock!


My introduction to Exploded View was through their music video for their song, “Summer Came Early.” Not only was it visually striking from a film standpoint, but their dreamy sound really drew me in. In 2014, Anika, a British political journalist turned musician, formed a new collaboration after playing a few solo shows in Mexico. She and local producers Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo cultivated a truly unique sound that they felt had to be captured. Believing in the power of improvisational and raw music, their unscripted album was recorded by capturing every sound produced in the room, first takes only. Head on over to The Abbey Bar to experience their true sound in person, the way music is meant to be heard.



Allen Stone, Nov. 20, H*MAC Capitol Room
The Machine, Nov. 21, Whitaker Center
Yam Yam, Nov. 21, The Abbey Bar
Kix, Nov. 23, Club XL
Atreyu, Nov. 23, H*MAC Capitol Room
The Dirty Sweet, Nov. 24, The Abbey Bar
Toubab Krewe, Nov. 27, The Abbey Bar

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