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Musical Notes: Autumn Blend–A perfect musical mix arrives in town.

October might be my favorite month. The leaves are a sunset of oranges and reds, and the temperature is perfect. But even the perfect month can benefit from some great live music. This month’s slate is a nice balance of classic favorites and local upstarts. So whether you prefer the music you first heard on ‘70s AM radio or the latest debuts from hip college stations, there’s something this month for everyone.



These Philadelphia road warriors have earned a significant following here in the ‘Burg. With a focus on roots-rock, they’ve found a way to meld contemporary anxieties with traditional instrumentation. Driving and melodic, lead singer Sean Hoots sets his powerful yet vulnerable voice upon the subject of relationships, growing older and the disillusionment of the 21st century. The band has garnered the attention of national tastemakers such as Paste Magazine and WXPN. This will definitely be a stomp-along show, so make sure to wear the proper footwear.



Most of you are familiar with Blue Öyster Cult’s song “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” and a certain Will Farrell sketch revolving around the song’s cowbell track. But those in the know also realize that their contribution to hard rock and heavy metal reaches much farther than a “Saturday Night Live” punch line. Along with Black Sabbath, the band helped to define a genre of rock that combines metal riffs with the heaviness and haziness of acid rock. This is a unique opportunity to see a band that has left a significant fingerprint on a wide range of musical genres within the friendlier confines of our small city.



Hailing from California, Chuck Prophet has almost 30 years of experience playing rock with a psychedelic flavor. He began his career touring with his band Green on Red and will this autumn be on the road in support of his 13th album, “Night Surfer.” His loose arrangements, coupled with narrative songwriting, are reminiscent of Warren Zevon, while his vocal delivery—half sung, half spoken—is akin to Jonathan Richman. His music tackles a wide range of subjects, including lamentations dedicated to hard socioeconomic times and love songs to San Francisco. He’s definitely an artist who sounds more natural on stage than on tape, so make sure to catch him while he’s in town.

Mentionables: Jucifer w/Anthrophobia, 10/1, H*MAC; Cheezy and The Crackers, 10/3, The Millworks; The Alt, 10/4, Fort Hunter Centennial Barn; Hot Jam Factory w/Ton-Taun, 10/16, The Millworks; The Young Dubliners, 10/18, Abbey Bar; The David Wax Museum, 10/21, H*MAC; Best Girl Athlete, 10/23, Little Amps Downtown

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