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Ripple Effect: Through our actions, we can spur growth and progress.

What if we were all constantly aware of the fact that a single action has an effect over several different entities? How would our world be different?

Consider our home and professional lives as a simple starting point. Everything we do and think has the ability to affect the people in our lives and, in turn, their reactions influence others. I believe most of us are aware of this impact and that we absolutely have the ability to choose the way we respond to every situation. Remaining constantly aware can be a challenge. But, like everything else, if you focus your energy here, you could gain the emotional strength necessary to control your every response, making sure you are prepared to respond rather than react.  

It is a starting point to know that every transformation has a point of origin. As I have gone through my own personal journey, I have worked to stay in tune with what my actions state and how they influence those around me, including my staff and anyone I encounter, whether that connection is in person, in email or on the phone, whether it’s with my family, friends, children or their friends and families. The impact we have on others can no doubt provide a ripple effect. It is an amazing theory and such a simple concept to know that a simple act of kindness or an acknowledgement can be life changing. Are we aware of how influential our actions can be and how a simple expression of gratitude can enhance cause and effect?

When our state of mind is “pay it forward” or “givers gain,” it spurs greatness in all our daily interactions and helps confirm authentic relationships. Having been influenced by leaders that have demonstrated both, I find it amazing how you begin to see and seek greatness in all things. We truly could facilitate personal growth through our approach and response when we are in this positive, truth-seeking state of mind.

To have a positive and thriving culture and community, are we doing the best we can to challenge each other to be exceptional, to create waves in business and community development by holding each other accountable, not condemning ourselves but encouraging each other? The truth is we are all responsible for facilitating this personal growth. Whether it is through being the best possible role model or offering a great support system, we can create the positive ripple effect that comes from our own actions.   

Jaime Novinger-Toigo is president of Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling, a community publisher of TheBurg.

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