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Old is new again as Vintage Vault opens New Cumberland shop

Vintage Vault Gallery in Cumberland has numerous rooms of vintage and used items, displayed here and below.

Vintage Vault Gallery has provided customers with vintage finds without the prices of big city vintage shops for the last several years.

Now, the Middletown-based store is serving even more customers with the opening of its second location in New Cumberland.

“I don’t want to just be a single-generational store,” said David Morrison, co-owner of Vintage Vault Gallery. “This store is diverse. There’s a little bit for everybody.”

Morrison originally started the shop when he realized he had an overflow of vintage objects. After outgrowing his original, Mechanicsburg location, Morrison moved his store to Middletown.

“I was collecting stuff that just sat in my house, and so everybody told me to open up a store,” he said. “I think it becomes an addiction when you start collecting stuff.”

The multi-room New Cumberland location mostly holds items from the mid-20th century, differentiating it from the more antique-centered Middletown store. Morrison sells a wide assortment of objects, including furniture, clothing, dishware, décor and collectable items, for affordable prices. The store also offers delivery.

Morrison says that he finds items from real estate clean-outs, auctions and out-of-state businesses. Although he runs a car dealership full-time, he said that, as soon as he’s out of work for the weekend, he’s on the road searching for new finds.

“I love the thrill of the chase, and it’s fun finding really cool stuff that other people don’t have,” he said.

According to JoLynn Weist, chair of the New Cumberland Business and Professional Group and the owner of Weist Hardware, small businesses like Vintage Vault Gallery are revitalizing New Cumberland, filling abandoned properties with galleries, restaurants and other businesses.

“I think this store has a great potential to bring in a lot of different people, and younger people,” Weist said. “People who maybe might not have been to New Cumberland before might come into this store, and it’s part of a unique mixture of stores that we have in town right now.”

Currently, Morrison has a Carlisle Vintage Vault Gallery in the works, but he said that he someday hopes to expand his business to about seven or eight stores.

“Obviously, I’m a local business,” Morrison said. “Small businesses are making a comeback. The small guy who doesn’t have a big overhead like me can run a big space like this, and the real estate prices are going down because so many big-box stores are going out of business. I encourage everybody to support small businesses.” 

Vintage Vault Gallery is located at 300 Bridge St., New Cumberland. The Middletown store is located at 17 S. Union St., Middletown. For more information, visit

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