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Back to Business: From donuts to tequila, Harrisburg businesses continue to grow, change.

So much has been happening business-wise around Harrisburg recently that it’s been hard to keep up. Therefore, we decided to stop by a few places around town to find out what they’ve been up to.

The Vegetable Hunter
614 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg

The Vegetable Hunter (former Crave & Co.) has been around for several years now, serving some of the tastiest vegetarian fare around, then adding a small-batch brewery. Now, owners Kristen Messner-Baker and John Baker have renovated and opened their second floor, which they call “Upstairs at the Vegetable Hunter” (pictured). In this new space, they feature a small plate vegan menu, in addition to their selection of craft beer and cocktails.

Tiki T’s Mini Donuts & More
221 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg

You could call Tiki T’s a hole in the wall—and you’d be spot on. After starting as a vendor in Saturday’s Market in Middletown, owner Will Horn recently opened his first brick-and-mortar store on the ground floor of the recently renovated downtown apartment building, the Bogg on Cranberry. At Tiki T’s, customers order through a take-out window (the aforementioned hole in the wall) and stroll away with a bag or bucket of tiny donuts, in a variety of flavors. Horn said that the line can get long when the downtown bars close up and disgorge their late-night, weekend crowds, which really isn’t surprising at all.

Taste Agave Tequila & Taco Bar
31 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg

Club and restaurant owner Ron Kamionka likes to shake things up. At his numerous downtown Harrisburg venues, he’s always weighing new concepts, tearing down and building back up again. So, just in time for Cinco de Mayo this year, it was out with 205 Speakeasy nightclub and in with Taste Agave restaurant, capitalizing on the current tequila craze. But don’t wait too long to visit. Kamionka plans to change restaurant concepts in the building several times a year, which might be the perfect approach for a guy who thrives on trying new things and giving customers novel experiences.

Sweet 717
Broad Street Market
1233 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg

Four years ago, Jessica Kost opened fudge-o-lutely, offering a line of rich confections based on her family’s tried-and-true fudge recipes. She’s now expanded and rebranded, adding items like vegan gummies, organic edible cookie dough and “stuff cups,” a taste experience far beyond your traditional peanut-butter cup. Kost said that customer tastes drove the expansion and, since she now offers a variety of sweets, the name had to change. Chocolate-lovers, though, shouldn’t fear, as Kost still offers a full line of her popular homemade fudge and other items, like fluffs, which she’s added over the years.

Mostly Toasted
Broad Street Market
1233 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg
Facebook: Mostly Toasted

Mother/daughter duo Sally and Jewel Shanahan last month opened Mostly Toasted, the latest addition to the Broad Street Market’s large and growing number of food vendors. From the back of the brick building, they cook up a wide variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with such names as the “Bold and Beautiful” (cheddar, steak, onions, asparagus) and the “Johnny Appleseed” (Havarti, bacon, Granny Smith apples). According to Sally, all of their ingredients are locally sourced, with the cheese originating from grass-fed PA cows. Yup, the grilled cheese sandwich has moved far out of the grammar school cafeteria—it’s all grown up and ready for a taste.

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