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Weekend Roundup with Sara Bozich

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is by tradition that I prepare this weekend missive for you a day early so if you are nothing like me, you can go out partying with your peeps tonight. I don’t remember the last I did such a thing, but I would guess it was when I worked IN a bar. I’m much more the cozy-in and avoid the crazies type (unless it’s to go grocery shopping; I have issues). That said, catch me at the Broad Street Market and Aldi today. Tomorrow I’m cooking, but just for the immediate fam. But first, some Turkey Day yoga at om my yoga. By Friday, hunting widow status is invoked, and well, not sure what the toddler and I will get into — Paulus Farm Market? Shopping? Popcorn and something terrible on TV is in store for me by nights.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thanksgiving Eve





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