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Burg View: We Stand in Support

In recent days, many people, especially on social media, have expressed frustration and disappointment with TheBurg—and rightly so.

We have been slow to cover one of the most important stories in recent history, the protests following the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests.

We—I—should have done better, and I apologize that our coverage has been deficient. I vow to do a better job, both in terms of timeliness and in content. In our next issue, to cite one example, we plan to publish essays from people of color in our community who will discuss their personal experiences growing up and making their lives here.

We also would like to recruit more writers of color. So, please email me if you are interested.

Please know that I am always open to hearing your feedback—good and bad. If TheBurg has done something—or, as in this case, hasn’t done it—please contact me and let me know. Call me, email me, drop by our office and speak to me.

If you have an idea for us, please let me know that, as well. I want to thank several people who did reach out, especially Elyse Irvis.

Lastly, please know that we at TheBurg stand by the principals of this historic movement. We join this community in opposing racism and police brutality and in supporting equality, civil rights and black-owned businesses.

It is my greatest hope that this movement results in substantial and lasting change. I am amazed at what has already been accomplished in such a short time and look forward to seeing genuine progress towards greater equality and more opportunities in our community and our country.

Lawrance Binda

Photo Credit: Cody Wanner

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