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Community Publishers: Helping to Build a Better Harrisburg

Since TheBurg’s founding, our mission has been singular—to help make the Harrisburg area an even better place to live, conduct business and visit. To that end, we have practiced a kind of journalism designed to elevate our region through great writing, responsible reporting and world-class design. We call it “integrative journalism,” as we try to include and involve all elements of our community into a central place called TheBurg.

We are delighted to announce that these companies listed under Community Publishers have joined TheBurg as “Community Publishers,” partners helping to ensure that TheBurg continues to thrive as an important resource for news and community.

It’s no secret that the traditional, advertising-based revenue model for publications is broken, leaving many newspapers and magazines struggling for survival. However, the need for original, quality reporting and writing is greater than ever, a vital element to building and securing a healthy community.

In some cities, private businesses, organizations and even individuals have stepped up to fill the funding gap. With great generosity, the companies are helping to support us so that we can continue to serve the people of greater Harrisburg.

What Is a Community Publisher?

Community publishers will demonstrate, each month, their commitment to making the Harrisburg area an even better place to live, do business and visit. A Community Publisher:

• Is a vital partner who allows us to continue to offer this important, free community news resource.

• Is a business or community leader with a vision and a belief that, when the region prospers, we all prosper.

• Believes an informed local public is a better local public and thus a better place to live and work.

• Recognizes that engaged, local reporting is a community good that must be paid for—but that, in the age of the Internet, must depend upon resources outside of traditional advertising.

• Supports arts, culture and the community good via news and education.

• Understands and believes that the health of the community is reflected through affirmative, responsible local reporting and features.

What Does a Community Publisher Do?

A community publisher:

• Meets with the Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and staff to discuss TheBurg at our biannual dinners.

• Shares the Publisher’s vision that a community paper is strongest when editorial and content are controlled by the Editor-in-Chief.

• Exercises no direct editorial control but shares overall vision and direction.

How Is a “Community Publisher” Recognized?

• Each month, a logo will be printed on TheBurg’s inside front cover recognizing a company, organization or individual as a Community Publisher.

• A special section of TheBurg’s website will provide a company description and additional recognition.

• Community Publishers will have a dedicated distribution point for TheBurg at their location for the benefit of employees and clients.

• Community Publishers will be honored bi-annually at the Publisher’s Dinners.

• Community Publishers will be provided an advertising plan.

• Community Publisher will be scheduled to write the Publisher’s column.

• Community Publisher will be invited to TheBurg events.

TheBurg has become an important community and information resource for greater Harrisburg. With your help, we will we be able to continue to tell the stories that make up our community, positioning our region for further progress and prosperity.  We hope that our readers will respond, as well, by patronizing the businesses that help make this free community resource possible.

Thank You to our Community Publishers:

The Winery at Hunters Valley, Harrisburg University, The Foundation for Enhancing CommunitiesCapital Blue Cross, Greenlee Partners, Enders, Select Capital Commercial PropertiesWITF, LCSWMA, Wendell Hoover Iron Valley Realtor Group, Service1st Restoration & Remodeling, WCI PartnersMcNees, The Holtzman-Davis Team at Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Penn State Harrisburg, UPMC in Central Pa, Gunn-Mowery, Midtown Property Management, Reager & Adler, PC

Comments from a few Community Publishers:

TheBurg is an advocate for our entire community. As a Community Publisher we believe that written word can be the catalyst for vibrant discussion on the topics that matter the most. TheBurg serves as a window into the entire region and we utilize it as a tool to showcase the strength of Harrisburg.
— Andrew M. Enders Esq., Enders

I am proud to say that I have advertised in every issue of TheBurg, since the very first issue was published in January 2009. As a Real Estate agent, it is a great tool to share with buyers, especially those who are new to the Capitol City Region. As a Community Publisher I have increased exposure with a successful group of entrepreneurs. Brand and name recognition are reinforced monthly, which is an invaluable benefit of being a Community Publisher.
— Ray Davis, Realtor®, Howard Hanna

Greater Harrisburg has wonderful stories to tell, and TheBurg serves to responsibly tell those stories in a way that not only informs, but also builds a sense of community pride. As a Community Publisher, Capital BlueCross is proud to support TheBurg and help make this free community resource possible.
— David B. Skerpon, Vice President, Consumer Experience, Capital Blue Cross

Service1st Restoration & Remodeling would like to Thank TheBurg for being a voice for local Businesses. TheBurg strives to advance our community through education of local challenges and changes with every publication offering current affairs that we should be aware of. We proudly support the efforts of TheBurg with a belief that TheBurg’s mission may be to inspire us to create opportunities… ultimately making our home a better place to live and work.
— Jaime Novinger-Toigo, President, Service1st Restoration & Remodeling

LCSWMA values TheBurg for its excellent journalistic and aesthetic qualities, and for its ability to connect readers with important issues and subjects that impact the City of Harrisburg and surrounding area. This type of engagement represents one of LCSWMA’s core values. As such, we’re proud to support TheBurg as a Community Publisher to ensure both local citizens and visitors benefit from this outstanding magazine now and for years to come.
–Kathryn Sandoe, Communications Manager, LCSWMA

To inquire about our Community Publisher program, please contact Lauren Maurer at or 717-695-2621.